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The Serpentine Collection is our most favorite garments of all the Boutique Black Collection. If you haven’t already fallen in love at first sight with this corset, then please allow us to explain firstly the difference between a true corset and a basque.

Difference between a corset & a basque: A true corset will actually 'shape' your body, as shown in the Serpentine range. A quality corset such as this will minimize the waist dramatically without any discomfort. Corsetorium create very strong garments made from quality materials to offer this support and are designed to last for many years. Low quality corsets will do the same as any basque or bodice and will only follow ones figure and not shape the body at all. Therefore, if one is looking for tummy control or a smaller waist, a quality corset is the answer. You will never find plastic boning or zips within a Corsetorium corset as these are not strong enough and will break. Steel boning and high quality fabric composition means a corset such as this will last a lifetime.

The finest corsetry made in England: This corset has been designed and meticulously handcrafted by one of the worlds most renowned corset makers, Kunza. Kunza is based in the UK and has formerly trained at V. Westwood. She works with many celebrities, most recently our very own Nicole Kidman. She creates masterpieces for the silver screen, TV shows and her work is very much present in many major fashion magazines such as Vouge, GQ, Khube and I-D. The Serpentine corset has featured in both Huf Magazine and Tirade Magazine. Super model Linda Evangelista has even worn her creations – how hot is that! We have had the privilege of meeting Kunza in person, in Paris, earlier this year at the Salon De La International Lingerie exhibition. We are proud to say that we are the exclusive distributer in Australia, of two chic and luxurious Serpentine Collection corsets.

A corset such as this will be a lifetime investment and potential family heirloom.

Stylist Tip: Kunza and I share the same belief, in that beautiful lingerie and corsetry of this calibre, is far too precious to be hidden and at every opportunity should be worn as outerwear. The options are endless in how you could wear this piece, but I think its gorgeous with a fitted tailored blazer over the top. You will feel womanly and empowered in this divine piece.

Product Composition: This masterpiece is made of 15% silk for a luxury feel and 85% man made fibres for comfort and durability.

Care: Such high quality silk should be dry cleaned only.

Model’s measurements / Australian Sizing:
Bust: Size 12C
Hips: Size 12
Model wears size: Medium

Collections: LINGERIE

Type: Corsets & Bustiers

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